Saturday, November 7, 2009

Major Announcement!!!

President George W. Bush will be addressing the nation on the tragic events that have unfolded over the past several days in Washington, and he has chosen our humble Webs Log to be the avenue of his reassuring message of hope. In this time of darkness, when it seems that all the universe is crushing down upon us, we must keep our eyes towards Dallas, and remember that he is still with us, and loves us, and will protect us.

Speech coming soon! Tell a (non-Muslim) friend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Have Returned

Yes, after a long, strange summer of inactivity, the Restorating Webs Log has returned for the fall. There were some in the blogosphere who said it couldn't be done. "Maynard has lost his way," DailyKos chortled. "He will never blog again, and McHitlerBushton's restoration shall not come to pass!" Arianna Huffington said "Ze Bush Restorationing Blog eis gone, scram, kaput! Now ve vill pass Pol Pot Care and no-von vill stop us! Heil Hussein!"

Well, think again, socialists. President Bush's restoration continues apace, while you are too busy worrying about global warming, or swine flu, or Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

For all of those who love human liberty, both here and around the world, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die. And you can count on this webs log to be there every step of the way, spreading the light of information in our dark, dark world.


Yet Another Terrorist Gets Early Release

Iraqi Shoe Thrower to Walk Out of Prison Early

The Iraqi journalist who made international headlines when he threw his kicks at former President George W. Bush will be released from prison early for good behavior, his lawyer told the Associated Press.

Muntadhar al-Zeidi's hilarious outburst during a press conference made him a hero
across the world with people who were angry at the U.S. invasion of Iraq -- but also
got the 30-year-old reporter sentenced to one year in jail for assaulting a foreign leader.

Karim al-Shujairi, the shoe hurler's attorney, said his client will be released on
Sept. 14th after three months were chopped off his sentence. "We have been
informed officially about the court decision," al-Shujairi told The Associated
Press in a telephone interview. "His release will be a victory for the free and
honorable Iraqi media."

al-Zeidi's act of defiance was captured on video that became an internet sensation and showcased his accurate shoe throwing skills, along with Bush's respectable reflexes as the former president successfully ducked and dodged the shoes. "This is your farewell kiss, you dog!" al-Zeidi shouted before being restrained. "This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq."

In retrospect, that whole thing about "installing a liberal democracy in Iraq" should have been better-defined. Little did we know they would take it literally by releasing dangerous terrorists into the populace like this.

Really, Iraq? Really? The man gives 25 million of your countrymen the sweet sweet nectar of liberty, and you use it not to create great works of art, not to become the first Middle East nation to achieve gender equality, not even to question your President's legitimacy, but to send the signal that disrespecting your savior is just peachy in Iraq.

Listen up, Iraq. We've mollycoddled you for several years now, but now daddy's home and the belt is coming off. You better shape up. We didn't raise you to act the fool and embarass us in front of the rest of the world.

If you know what's good for you, you'll keep this guy in the deepest, darkest hole you have. And you'll get on your knees and thank Muhammad that he sent George W. Bush (may all blessings shower upon his head!) to deliver you from tyranny.

We brought you into the land of freedom, and we can take you back out. Don't think we won't, either. Just ask Chile.

Some People Remember Who the REAL President Is

Texas school district that declined Obama speech will
bus kids to see Bush

A Texas school district that declined to allow students to listen to President Obama's speech to students on Tuesday will bus about 500 students to attend a Super Bowl-related event this month where former president George W. Bush will speak, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Arlington school district spokeswoman Veronica Sopher tells the newspaper that the two events are different.

"The distinction is it’s a field trip that parents have to grant permission for students to attend," she says, according to the Star-Telegram.

"With parental permission, the selected classes will attend a field trip at the Cowboys Stadium, where they will hear from several different speakers.

Dwight McKissic Sr., the senior pastor of Arlington's
Cornerstone Baptist Church, said he's concerned about the district's decision to not broadcast Obama's message while transporting students to hear a message from Bush.

"I do not understand the duplicity in this situation," McKissic said in a news release,
according to NBC. "I believe the students and the public deserve and need to have these differences explained.

"The church presented Obama's speech on Tuesday and arranged with the school district for any student who attended to get an excused absence from school.

I'm sorry, but if you can't see the difference between socialist brainwashing eerily reminiscent of how the Hitler Youth got started, and going to hear one of the greatest men of our lifetime speak, then maybe you should refrain from making a complete fool of yourself in a national publication. Schools are supposed to be about learning. President Bush's speech has obvious educational value, not only in the area of civics, but government, history, and religion.

When it comes to Obama, rarely has the question be asked: How is our children learning from indoctrination?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So NOW it's okay to fire lawyers for disagreeing with you?

Advocacy Groups Seek Disbarment of Ex-Bush Administration Lawyers

WASHINGTON — A coalition of left-wing advocacy groups filed legal ethics complaints on Monday against 12 former Bush administration lawyers, including three United States attorneys general, whom the groups accuse of helping to justify

The coalition, called Velvet Revolution, asked the bar associations in four states and the District of Columbia to disbar the lawyers, saying their actions violated the rules of professional responsibility by approving interrogation methods, including waterboarding, that constituted illegal torture.

By writing or approving legal opinions justifying such methods, the advocates say, the Bush administration lawyers violated the Geneva Conventions, the Convention Against Torture and American law.

Kevin Zeese, a longtime activist and lawyer who signed the complaints on behalf of Velvet Revolution, said the groups were acting because the Obama administration had resisted calls for a criminal investigation of abuse of prisoners under the Bush administration.

The Obama administration has not ruled out the possibility of professional disciplinary action being taken against some of those involved.

“The torture issue needs to be taken out of the hands of politicians if it is going to be dealt with as the war crimes that it is,” Mr. Zeese said.

The complaints are available online at the group’s Web site,

The filings come as the Justice Department’s ethics office, the Office of Professional Responsibility, completes a report on the department lawyers who wrote opinions authorizing harsh interrogations.

The report, in the works for nearly five years and expected to be released in the next few weeks, is said to be highly critical of some authors of the opinions, including John C. Yoo, a senior official at the department’s Office of Legal Counsel in 2002, and his boss, Jay S. Bybee.

The Velvet Revolution complaint also names Steven G. Bradbury, who headed the legal counsel office from 2005 to 2009; the three attorneys general, John Ashcroft, Alberto R. Gonzalez, and Michael B. Mukasey; Michael Chertoff and Alice S. Fisher, who headed the Justice Department’s criminal division; two former Pentagon officials, Douglas J. Feith and William J. Haynes II; and two former White House lawyers, Timothy E. Flanigan and David S. Addington.

Legal experts are divided over the likely effect of such complaints. A complaint filed last year against Mr. Yoo, a Berkeley law professor who remains a member of the Pennsylvania bar, was rejected by that state’s bar association, in part because the Justice Department was already investigating Mr. Yoo’s role in the interrogation memorandums.

Mr. Yoo has often defended his role in writing the legal opinions, noting that they were written in the anxious months after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and were intended only to outline the limits of the law, not to advise policy makers
on what methods to use.

But one interrogation opinion written primarily by Mr. Yoo was later withdrawn by the Justice Department, which considered it overly broad and poorly reasoned.

Turn your minds back to a few short months ago. Liberals everywhere were in an uproar. US Attorneys had been fired, not for doing a bad job, but for being insufficiently loyal to the President. How could this happen in America, they wailed. Our great nation's legal system has been irreparably harmed by this fascistic action. They called for a grand jury investigation. This was it! They were finally going to get to impeach Chimpy McHitlerburton!

Turn your brains forward to today. Lawyers who hold political opinions that the ruling liberal elites find offensive are now under fire. They are threatened not just with their government jobs (most of them are already out of those), but with being robbed of the chance to practice law altogether! All because they disagree with the liberal talking points sent out by The DailyKos, The New York Times, and the Fred Rogers Estate.

I'm not defending lawyers. We know them to be slimy creatures who are slowly eroding America's moral fabric with their defense of criminals and their frivolous lawsuits. But can the liberals please destroy America in a consistent fashion, please? Is that too much to ask?

I'm sure now the liberal establishment will see the error of their ways. You're welcome, America.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Apparently Christianity is no longer allowed!

Biblical Quotes Said to Adorn Pentagon Reports

WASHINGTON — A series of cover sheets for intelligence reports written for Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and other senior Pentagon officials during the early days of the war in Iraq in 2003 were adorned with biblical quotations, and appeared Sunday, six years later, on the Web site of GQ magazine.

The daily briefings were called the “Worldwide Intelligence Update,” one of several intelligence reports compiled overnight and presented in a folder for Mr. Rumsfeld and other officials as they came to work.

In the selection of the cover sheets that GQ placed on its website, photographs of soldiers praying or in action on the sands of Iraq were overlaid with quotations like this one from Isaiah: “Their arrows are sharp, all their bows are strung; their horses’ hoofs seem like flint, their chariot wheels are like a whirlwind.”

Another, showing a tank at sunset, had this quotation from Ephesians: “Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”

The accompanying article, written by Robert Draper, the author of a book about George W. Bush that was published in the last year of his presidency, suggested that Mr. Rumsfeld often delivered the briefings “by hand, to the White House.”

But several former officials said Sunday that they doubted that Mr. Bush regularly saw the Pentagon briefing, which was considered both less complete and less sensitive than the president’s daily brief, the compilation of overnight and long-term intelligence assessments prepared for the president, and delivered every morning.

Lawrence Di Rita, the Pentagon spokesman during Mr. Rumsfeld’s time as secretary of defense, said that he had no recollection of the biblical briefs, but that he doubted the famously acerbic and sometimes cranky secretary would have tolerated them for long, much less shared them with Mr. Bush.

“The suggestion that Rumsfeld would have used these reports to somehow curry favor over at the White House is pretty laughable,” Mr. Di Rita said. “He bristled anytime people put quotes or something extraneous on the reports he wanted to read.”

Mr. Rumsfeld’s reputation at the Pentagon was as a strong ideologue, but not as someone motivated by religious convictions. The GQ article reports that the cover sheets were thought up by a general who worked on the Joint Staff, and that they replaced humorous covers that had been created in the prelude to the war.

The magazine reported that some Pentagon officials were concerned that, if the cover sheets — which were marked “Top Secret” — were ever leaked, they could be interpreted as a suggestion that the war was religiously driven, a battle against Islam. But those officials were not named in the article, and a number of former Pentagon officials interviewed Sunday said they had no memory of seeing the illustrations or quotations.

Still, the publication of the cover sheets may raise more questions about the proper role of religion in the military, and whether a Christian-influenced culture, rather than a neutral one, permeated some corners of the military.

The issue flared at the Air Force Academy four years ago, when the football coach posted a locker room banner for “Team Jesus,” and there have been lawsuits against the Pentagon concerning military retreats at off-base churches, or the displays of crucifixes at military chapels in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2005, the Pentagon’s inspector general recommended “corrective action” against Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, the deputy under secretary of defense for intelligence, who, in appearances before evangelical groups, likened the war against Islamic militants to a battle against Satan.

Well wouldn't you know it? We elect a bunch of godless hippies into power and their first target is The Bible. That's right, the very same book given to us by God as a guide for how to live our lives is now off-limits to Americans, according to our liberal friends. "No reading the Bible, Ray-Ray-Niqua! The Islamic World, that true paragon of tolerance, wouldn't like it! Let's read 'What Heather's Mommies Did With Spot'!"

I'm shocked (shocked!) that the New York Times, the Old Gay Lady, didn't censor the Bible verses out of this article. Well, you liberals are going to have to try harder than this. Christianity is here to stay (John Lennon was wrong) and you can take our Bibles from us when you pry them from our cold, dead motel rooms.

I've Taken Down the Ads

I've removed all ads from my blog.

But Maynard, you chortle, isn't advertising the hallmark of any true free market system? You bet it is! But the only ads I was getting was for things like "Watch this video and then go kill your parents for voting for Bush" and "Should Bush be impeached? Vote now!" and "Throw shoes at Bush" and "Trim your bushes in half the time with BushWhacker9000!". I don't know how the thinly-veiled threat in that last one got by the Secret Service, frankly.

You don't need to see that. The very essence of our Republic, the very ideal that our Founders were aiming for, was that we wouldn't ever be confronted with a political viewpoint that opposed our own. I am proud to uphold this Jeffersonian tradition here on my little webs log.

Change We Can Believe In! Part 1

Obama retains Bush-era military tribunals

President Barack Obama has revived Bush-era military tribunals for top Guantanamo Bay terror suspects that he once branded a "failure," but proposed new rules on evidence and detainee rights.

Rights campaigners reacted angrily, warning the move would prolong the "injustice" of the war on terror camp, days after Obama dismayed some backers by deciding to oppose the release of photos of Iraq and Afghan prison abuses.

"This is the best way to protect our country, while upholding our deeply-held values," Obama said in a written statement Friday, outlining his reasoning and a set of reforms to the military commissions.

"These reforms will begin to restore the commissions as a legitimate forum for prosecution, while bringing them in line with the rule of law," Obama said.

Obama halted the Guantanamo tribunals pending a review after taking office in January, saying the system did not work, but did not rule out the use of a modified system in future.

Last year however, then-candidate Obama had called the military commissions "an enormous failure."

The president said the Department of Defense would ask for extension of the suspension of military commissions to permit time for reforms.

Commissions were "appropriate for trying enemies who violate the laws of war, provided that they are properly structured and administered," Obama said.

David Rivkin, a Washington lawyer who served in the Reagan administration, told The New York Times the decision suggested that the Obama White House was coming to accept the Bush administration's thesis that terror suspects should be viewed as enemy fighters.

"I give them great credit for coming to their senses after looking at the dossiers," Rivkin told the paper.

However, several key amendments will be made to the commissions system.

Statements using CIA interrogation methods that are "cruel, inhumane and degrading" -- since outlawed by Obama -- will no longer be admitted as evidence.

The party that offers hearsay evidence must now prove its reliability. In Bush-era trials the burden rested on the party that objected to it.

Furthermore, the accused will get greater latitude to choose his defense counsel and more protection if he refuses testify.

Military commission judges will now also be allowed to establish the jurisdiction of their own courts.

But the changes did not appease rights groups.

"The military commissions system is flawed beyond repair," said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch.

"By resurrecting this failed Bush administration idea, President Obama is backtracking dangerously on his reform agenda."

The American Civil Liberties Union bemoaned a "striking blow to due process and the rule of law."

"President Obama would do well to remember his own infamous words during his presidential campaign: 'you can't put lipstick on a pig,'" said Anthony Romero, ACLU Executive Director.

Despite the improvements, the commissions "do not address fundamental concerns about the flawed nature of such tribunals," Human Rights Watch said.

"The very purpose of the commissions was to permit trials that lacked the full due process protections available to defendants in federal courts," it said.

But Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs denied the president was retooling a discredited Bush-era system.

"It's like saying 'I am buying the car, but changing the engine and painting it a different color' -- the notion that this is the same vehicle is simply not true."

The move would affect, among others, five detainees charged with having played key roles in the September 11, 2001 attacks, including the plot's self-proclaimed mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Republicans assailed Obama's order to close the Guantanamo prison within a year. Democrats have rejected a White House funding request to shutter the prison until the president comes up with a concrete plan.

The top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell said Guantanamo Bay was the best venue to try terror suspects -- as opposition mounts in Congress to taking suspects to the United States.

"Given the disruption and potential dangers caused by bringing terror suspects into American communities, the secure, modern courtroom at Guantanamo Bay is the appropriate place for commission proceedings," McConnell said.

The camp, synonymous around the world with Bush's "war on terror" excesses, still holds 241 inmates from 30 different countries, according to the Pentagon.

Algerian detainee Lakhdar Boumediene, held for seven years at Guantanamo, left the US jail Friday for France.

Boumediene, 42, was cleared of wrongdoing in November.

A long article. The gist is this: Barack HUSSEIN Obama is keeping the President's military tribunals to affirm the guilt of the terrorists we have captured. Obama making the ACLU get their frilly, Muhammad-embroidered panties in a wad? Be still my trembling heart!

By making this decision, HUSSEIN Obama is rejecting the substance of his own Presidential campaign - that President Bush was a failure who was making America into something worse than Nazi Germany - and directly embracing the freedom agenda of President Bush. I always said that HUSSEIN Obama would have to get some sense knocked into him once he became President. He isn't, after all, mentally disabled. He just believes in a lot of things the disabled do. Like global warming. A right to privacy. The Trail of Tears.

I view this as a major-league affirmation of the George W. Bush anti-terror policies. But Maynard, you cry. Isn't having a liberal agree with you bad? Yes, it most certainly is. But the ACLU is like the Grand Wizard of the Liberal Klan, so in this case we're good.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. When will Obama be right next? Stay tuned!

President to "Let Freedom Ring"

Former President George W. Bush expected to visit Woodward for Independence Day

WOODWARD, Okla. (AP) — Former President George W. Bush is scheduled to visit Woodward during its "Let Freedom Ring" celebration over Fourth of July weekend.

The Woodward Tourism and Convention Bureau announced Wednesday that Bush would speak at the dedication of Crystal Beach Park, which has undergone major renovations for its 80th anniversary.

The tourism bureau's executive director, Jim Curtiss, says Bush will speak on Independence Day. More details are to be revealed at a news conference Monday.

The "Let Freedom Ring" celebration is also to include concerts from country artists including Asleep at the Wheel, Sawyer Brown, Marty Stuart and Tanya Tucker.

That's just about as American a scene as I can imagine. George W. Bush, dedicating a park, in Small-Town, USA. All it needs is a whistling President taking a small boy down to the fishin' hole. Maybe they'll sing "Let the Eagle Soar". Maybe they'll go for a ride on the waterboard when done.

Who's up for a road trip to Woodward, Oklahoma this July? Post in the comments so we can organize this thing.

I have more readers than I thought I did!

More Than $100 Million Raised for George W. Bush Presidential Library

The George W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation has raised more than $100 million for the forty-third president's library — and at a pace much faster than that of his recent predecessors, TIME magazine reports.

Much of the money for the library was raised in the roughly hundred days after Bush left the White House. By comparison, Bill Clinton's library planners had hoped to receive pledges of $100 million within a year of the end of his presidency, though a pardon scandal delayed that achievement for another year, according to Clinton library committee chair Skip Rutherford.

Bush Presidential Library Foundation president Mark Langdale said the names of contributors will not be released and would not disclose the exact total raised. However, other sources told TIME that the foundation has received commitments totaling more than a third of the estimated $300 million cost of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, which will include a museum and research institute to be built on twenty-five acres at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Construction of the library is scheduled to begin in November 2010.

Unburdened by campaign finance regulations, former presidents traditionally raise money for their libraries the old-fashioned way: by meeting or calling a few dozen wealthy benefactors and asking for multimillion-dollar gifts. Although the Bush presidential library effort includes that approach, in other ways it has been organized much like a modern political campaign, complete with a national finance committee comprised of two co-chairs per state. According to TIME, the historically fast pace of the fundraising for the library has been all the more noteworthy for taking place
during a recession.

"He's struck a very positive nerve among a lot of financial sources across the country," said J. French Hill, a Little Rock banker who is leading the fundraising effort in Arkansas.

One of my very first posts on this webs log was an appeal for my readers to donate liberally (ugh) to the President's library fund. And boy, you stepped up to the plate to the tune of over $100 million! That's much faster than any other President library has done, but hey, none of those Presidents had a webs log like this one!

This is fantastic! My readers are the best! If we can build a library in a few short months, just think how we could help the needy, the impovrished, the embattled! Like, say, AIG.

Your next task: Let's help out a worthy cause (the President no doubt supports it) by donating $200 million to the Daniel Maynard Fund for an Unemployed Patriot. I (they, actually) expect this to take no more than a couple of months. Get out your diamond-encrusted checkbooks, readers. Let's roll.

Supreme Court: Protecting America is no crime

Top US court: Bush officials not liable in Muslim arrests

Washington - The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that top justice officials in the former administration of US president George W Bush could not be held liable for alleged disrimination in the arrests of 700 Muslim men after the 2001 terrorist attacks. In a 5-4 decision, the court ruled that former attorney general John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller, who has held on to his job in the Obama administration, cannot be sued for mistreatment because they singled out Muslim men using race and religion as their guidelines, the Los Angeles Times reported online.

"It should come as no surprise that a legitimate policy directing law enforcement to arrest and detain individuals because of their suspected link to the attacks would produce a disparate, incidental impact on Arab Muslims," said Justice Anthony M Kennedy.

"The (September 11, 2001) attacks were perpetrated by 19 Arab Muslim hijackers who counted themselves members in good standing of Al Qaeda, an Islamic fundamentalist group," Kennedy wrote.

Every once in a long while, the hyper-liberal Supreme Court reaches into its collective robe and pulls out a beautful pearl of wise jurisprudence. This is one such pearl. While all who have sense know that protecting America is no crime, liberals (the fiends) insisted that we must burn former Bush Administration officials, either because they racially profiled, or because they weighed the same as a duck. It's hard to figure out liberal reasoning sometimes.

By protecting former Administration officials from such vigilanteism, the Supreme Court has ensured that future protectors of America will not have to choose between making Nancy Pelosi happy and defending this nation. Well, they kind of will, because Pelosi would never be happy while America was safe, but you know what I meant.

So go forth, brave knights who defend us all. Go forth and slay the turbaned dragon without fear that you will be beheaded on your return. Once and for all, America has declared we support you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Now Former President Bush Gets Credit for Saving Over a Million Lives

It is a story you probably won't hear about in too many other places. A program launched by former President George W. Bush has saved more than a million lives.

A study by two Stanford University doctors states that Mr. Bush's AIDS-fighting campaign reduced deaths by 10 percent in targeted African nations, saving roughly 1.2 million people.

The study tracked AIDS deaths and HIV infections in 12 African nations getting aid under the president's emergency plans for AIDS relief. The $15 billion, five-year effort was launched in 2003.

Last year Congress extended it for another five years. Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino who just returned from volunteering in Africa says: "Good news stories are not always reported because there is always bad news that drives coverage. But Americans should be proud and President Bush deserves a lot of credit."

1.2 million lives saved because of the President's African anti-AIDS initiative. A far cry from "just as bad as Hitler", eh?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

President Sets Classy Tone

George Bush reserves comment

Former United States President George W. Bush said he would not criticise President Barack Obama because his successor "deserves my silence" and said he planned to write a book about the 12 toughest decisions he made in office.

Bush declined to criticise the Obama Administration in his first speech since leaving office.

He said he wanted Obama to succeed and it was important that the new President had support. "I think it is essential that he be helped in office."

Hate to belabor the point, but this is why we love the man so. Not just for his steadfast leadership during times of unparallelled peril. Not just for his determination to destroy the evil that surrounds us. His refusal to take a cheap shot at a man famous for cheap shots at his own expense speaks volumes about the character and wisdom of George W. Bush.

America did not deserve him.

More on President Bush's Visit to Calgary

George W. Bush arrives in Calgary

CALGARY -- Dining on bruschetta, Mista salad and a trio of pasta, former U.S. president George W. Bush charmed staff and patrons at a Kensington restaurant last night.

Bush touched down in the city yesterday ahead of a speaking engagement today organized by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

"It was incredible," said Osteria de Medici waiter George Morrison, 40, who served the former commander in chief at the popular Italian eatery on 10 St. N.W.

"He was a gentleman, funny and a down-to-Earth kind of guy. We even got some pictures with him."

Chris Chapman, 24, was enjoying dinner with his mom, Suzanna, when Bush suddenly walked in.

"I was sitting in the corner and looked up and saw him walk by," he said. "I tried pointing him out to my mom but she didn't get to see him."

Bush wasn't the only high-profile guest there last night, said Chapman, as Calgary Flames forward Olli Jokinen happened to walk in minutes before.

"I saw (Jokinen) first and thought that was pretty cool then George Bush comes walking in," he said.

Wearing a dress shirt, slacks and long coat, Bush was greeted by customs officers on the tarmac at Calgary International Airport just after 6 p.m. before being ushered to dinner in a Cadillac limousine.

Members of Bush's security detail were seen at the Hyatt Regency hotel ahead of his arrival yesterday afternoon, as were members of the Calgary Police Service dog unit.

Today's speech marks Bush's first public remarks since leaving the White House in January with one of the lowest approval ratings in U.S. history.

Bush is expected to address a crowd of 1,500 at the Telus Convention Centre, remarking on his eight years in the Oval Office.

But not everyone is welcoming the former most powerful man in the world. Members of the group Lawyers Against the War labelled Bush a war criminal for his actions in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, as well as the alleged torture of detainees at Guantanamo Bay and wrote to Canadian government officials demanding his entry into Canada by barred.

Tickets to today's invite-only event reportedly sold for $400 each and members of the media have been barred from hearing Bush's comments.

Not a bad evening. You go out for some Italian food, enjoy yourself, see a hockey player, and oh yeah, you get to be in the same room as the GREATEST LIVING HUMAN BEING.

Not a bad evening at all.

President Gives Speech in Calgary

Former President Bush Backs Obama’s Efforts to Repair Economy

March 18 (Bloomberg) -- Former President George W. Bush delivered a “folksy” one-hour speech to a Canadian audience in which he backed efforts by his successor, Barack Obama, to repair the U.S. economy and financial industry, said people who attended the event.

Bush, 62, made the comments yesterday, in his first address since leaving office in January, to 1,400 people attending the $400-a-person Calgary lunch, said Jason Enns, a private wealth manager who attended. The invitation-only crowd took almost two hours to file into a downtown convention center as about 200 protesters shouted insults at them and criticized the president’s policies on Iraq and Afghanistan.

“He told us: ‘Wall Street had a big party and now we’re dealing with their hangover,’” Enns said in a telephone interview after the event.

Enns said the former president expects Obama will do a “fantastic job” and he will provide help and advice if he’s asked for it by the new president. Members of the media weren’t allowed to attend the event.

Bush told the Calgary audience, which is home to Canada’s oil and natural gas industry and companies like EnCana Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp. unit Imperial Oil Ltd., the U.S. will need the crude produced from the oil sands of northern Alberta, he largest reserves outside the Middle East, Enns said.

Obama and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged last month to take concerted efforts to counter the global recession and begin a new effort to develop clean-energy technology. Obama said before his visit to Canada that oil from the tar sands can be made into a clean energy source. Canada is the biggest supplier of oil to the U.S.

‘Folksy’ Side Rules
“He let his folksy side rule,” said William Andrew, chief executive officer of Calgary-based Penn West Energy Trust, who attended the speech. “He came off as humble as he can be.”

The former president, who received a standing ovation, had "high
praise for Obama," Peter Yates, a Calgary lawyer with dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship, said Bush provided an “entertaining” speech. Yates said he registered for the 2004 election to vote against Bush.

“He was very affable,” said Yates. “My impressions of him haven’t changed. A folksy, affable guy, but I don’t agree with his policies.”

Bush told the crowd the biggest adjustment since returning to private life is reacquainting himself with everyday chores from walking the dog to running errands at the hardware store for his wife, Laura, Enns said.

Well, there you go. If the President is willing to give Barack HUSSEIN Obama the benefit of the doubt, then I feel we should all join him. After all, who did HUSSEIN Obama bash the most over the past two years? President Bush. And if he, of all people, can turn the other cheek in a Christlike manner, then who are we to hold grudges?

I am proud to support such a humble but wise man.

President to Author Book on Decision-Making

Former President George W. Bush to write book

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Former U.S. President George W. Bush will write a book about some of the decisions he made during his eight years in office, which will be published by the Crown Publishing Group in 2010.

Washington lawyer Robert Barnett told Reuters the book was tentatively called "Decision Points." He declined to disclose the financial terms of the deal.

Crown is a division of Random House, which is part of the German media giant Bertelsmann AG.

Barnett said the book would focus on decisions made by Bush ranging from his relationship with family members to sending troops to Iraq and the response to Hurricane Katrina.

Barnett -- known for brokering publishing and media deals for Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bush's successor, Barack Obama, and Bush's former aide Karl Rove -- also brokered a book deal for former first lady Laura Bush.

Her memoirs are also due to be published in 2010 by Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, part of CBS Corp.

Laura Bush said in a statement she would "tell the stories of the extraordinary events and people I've met in my life, particularly during my years in the White House."

The publisher did not reveal terms of Laura Bush's deal, although publishing experts have said she could command a multimillion-dollar advance.

Bush's former secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, has also agreed to a book deal with Crown Publishing Group. The first book, a memoir of her time in the Bush administration, is tentatively scheduled to appear in the autumn of 2011.

It would be followed a year later by a book about her upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama, where she was born in 1954. Rice, an African-American, grew up amid segregation and during the civil rights movement in the United States.

Well, this is great news. And who better to write a book on decision-making than perhaps the man faced with the most momentous decisions in generations?

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates on this highly-anticipated work.

Monday, March 9, 2009

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And I promise that I won't go AWOL anymore like I have the past several weeks. I'm sorry if I let you or the President down.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

President Bush Officially Moves Into Dallas Home

Former President George W. Bush officially back in Dallas


It’s official: Former President George W. Bush is now making his home in Dallas.

After a month at his Crawford ranch, Bush and his wife, Laura, moved Friday into the Preston Hollow home they bought shortly before leaving the White House on Jan. 20.

"President and Mrs. Bush are glad to be back in Dallas, appreciate the warm welcome by their neighbors, and look forward to once again being part of the Dallas community," said Bush spokesman Rob Saliterman.

Interest in their return to Dallas has been high for weeks. People who live on Daria Place, the North Dallas cul-de-sac where the Bush home sits, report that there’s been a steady stream of curiosity seekers coming to see the 8,000 square-foot brick home for themselves.

“Before Bush came, we had a very quiet neighborhood here,’’ said neighbor Minette Klein, who said she is nevertheless pleased with the goings-on.

The house is not far from Preston Center, where the former president will have an office while planning is underway for his presidential library at Southern Methodist University.

Both Bushes said they plan to devote substantial time to raising money for the library complex – which will also include a museum and policy center. Programming hosted by the Bush Foundation is set to begin even before the library is complete in 2013.

Officials say they need to raise $300 million to build the complex, hopefully before groundbreaking, which is set for late next year.

The Bushes lived in Dallas in the early 1990s but moved to Austin in 1994 when he was elected Texas governor.

Glad to see the President settling into his new crib in Preston Hollow. No doubt there is much brush to clear and his days will be filled with happiness and the sound of a chainsaw. But really, what kind of happiness doesn't involve the sound of a chainsaw?

Also, President Bush will be settling into his new office, and fundraising for the Presidential Library on the SMU Campus. Support the President. Donate to the Library Fund. Do it now. So he can focus on getting back into the White House and not fundraising.

President Bush is One of America's Heroes

Obama, Jesus, and Martin Luther King Top List of America's "Heroes"


The highlights:
  • President Bush was rated only 19th in July 2001, but is now FIFTH on the list of America's Heroes.
  • John McCain, not in the top 20 in 2001, is now number seven.
  • Barack HUSSEIN Obama was listed as a hero by more people than Jesus.
  • Colin Powell dropped from number 3 to number 16.
  • Ronald Reagan is number 4.

This is HUGE. I know that President Bush's reputation would rebuild once the media took their eye off him. I didn't expect it to happen so soon. It just goes to show, that despite all evidence to the contrary, America is still a great nation full of patriots. Eat it liberals. Your eight year reign of character assassination seems to have dissipated in a matter of less than a month!

Our nation may not be ready for The Restoration just yet, but that day is swiftly approaching. Prepare yourselves.

The Top Ten Heroes of America:

  1. Barack HUSSEIN Obama
  2. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  3. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  4. Ronald Reagan
  6. Abraham Lincoln
  7. John McCain
  8. John F. Kennedy
  9. Chesley Sullenberger
  10. Mother Theresa

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just a Clarification...

Just to clear up something that my loyal readers have been wondering about. Whenever I say "the President", I of course refer to President George W. Bush, he being our only legitimate head of state at this time. I'll go into the reasons why the media's president, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, is illegitimate in a later posting.

Shoe-Throwing Terrorist Goes on Trial

Shoe-thrower goes on trial


The Iraqi journalist who made headlines when he threw his shoes at former US president George W. Bush goes on trial on Thursday charged with assaulting a foreign leader.

Muntazer al-Zaidi faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted, but his legal team will ask for the charge to be thrown out and for the reporter to be freed.

"He should be released because he was only expressing himself and protesting against the occupation," Zaidi's lawyer Dhiya al-Saadi told AFP on Tuesday.

Bush, who orderd the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003, was on a farewell visit to the country when Zaidi threw his shoes during a Baghdad press conference on 14 December.

Zaidi (30) who works for the Al-Baghdadia television channel, also insulted Bush, shouting: "It is the farewell kiss, you dog," in an action that was hailed across the Arab world.

Bush managed to duck, and after the shoes whizzed past his head joked with reporters that they were a "size 10".

A 25-strong defence team has been preparing the defence of Zaidi, whose gesture is considered a grave insult in the Arab and Muslim world.

If they fail to get the charges dropped they will argue that the journalist did not try to kill Bush and was entitled to make a protest about the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

"We will present our demands on the day of the trial," Saadi said. "The journalist only wanted to express his opinion," insisting that the law under which Zaidi is charged is not applicable to his case.

The charge of assaulting a foreign leader carries a prison term of between five to 15 years, but Saadi said the reporter should be freed because the shoes did not constitute a "lethal weapon" and could not have killed Bush.

Judicial authorities had the option of dismissing the charge, or have altered it to a lesser one of "attempted aggression" which carries a prison term of one to five years.

The case will be heard at the Central Criminal Court, which is responsible for terrorism cases and is located in the Green Zone, the heavily-protected area of Baghdad where the government and some Western embassies are located.

A judge in December rejected allegations by the journalist's family that he had been tortured in custody, charges that were levelled after his brother was allowed to visit him in prison.

The incident inspired a British student, Alex Tew, to create a "Sock and Awe" ( shoe-throwing website which says it has so far had more than 86 million hits in the face of ex-president Bush on the Internet.

Other journalists at Al-Baghdadia, who asked not to be named, told AFP that Zaidi, who was abducted by insurgents during the sectarian strife that engulfed Iraq in the wake of the US invasion, should not be punished.

"He did not want to say goodbye to Bush in a traditional way, so he said farewell in his own way," said one of the reporter's colleagues.

"I feel that what he did was a national gesture to lift the sorrow of children and widows."

Another Al-Baghdadia journalist added: "Muntazer al-Zaidi is a quiet, respectful and educated person and a professional in every sense of the word. He does not deserve to be sentenced and should not be put on trial."

Only five to fifteen years?!?! This man showed a tremendous amount of disrespect for the man who liberated him from tyranny. I don't know about you, but in my book, ingratitude is one of the worst crimes there is. Without President Bush, Iraq would be a cesspool of violence and repression and WMDs.

I urge all of my loyal readers to write letters (they don't have e-mail in Iraq yet) to this judge, begging him to impose the maximum sentence to send a message to all the world: Disrespect of authority figures can never be tolerated, PERIOD.

Monday, February 16, 2009

India to Give President Bush Highest Award?

Singhvi seeks Bharat Ratna for Bush


New Delhi, Feb 13, : Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Friday said the former US President George W. Bush should be given India's highest civilian honour, Bharat Ratna, for his contribution to the India-US nuclear cooperation programme.

"Give Bharat Ratna to Bush. I do not know what the rules are but I will officially do something," Singhvi said.

He was addressing the annual general meeting of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

Bharat Ratna is India's highest civilian award, given for the highest degree of national service, including artistic, literary, and scientific achievements.

The honour has been awarded to 41 persons so far. The latest to receive the award was classical singer Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.

India's first President Rajendra Prasad created the award on January 2, 1954.

A much-deserved award. India and the United States have had cool relations ever since they became independent from Britain. But during the Bush Administration, relations became markedly better, and today, you could even call the world's largest democracy and predicted future superpower one of America's allies. All thanks to President George W. Bush.

There's one HUGE detail the article fails to mention. According to Wikipedia (a source that has never failed me yet), persons awarded the Bharat Ratna get a place in the Indian Order of Precedence. Eighth place, to be precise.

The possibilities this raises are enormous! Through a series of highly-improbable, yet highly-fortunate mysterious deaths, President Bush could ascend to the Indian Presidency! Do I need to say how awesome that would be, not only for India, but the world?

Somebody get the CIA on this, stat.

President Thanks TCU Student for Welcome Home

Texas Christian student who created welcome home signs for Bushes gets thank you from W.


Patrick Bibb thought it would be nice to thank former President George W. Bush for his service.

That’s why the Texas Christian University sophomore created and sold "Welcome home George and Laura" signs that residents have bought and put up in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas, where the first couple will soon move.

He just never thought he’d get a thank you in return.

But he recently got a call from George W., even though some signs have been disappearing from yards.

"He said he was in town a while ago with his wife and they had seen the signs ... and he was happy there was a lot of support and that someone had taken the initiative to do something," said Bibb, 19, who stepped out of class to take the call. "I told him: 'No problem. I understand you’ve had some hard times, but I wanted to do this. It’s the least we could do."

After a short conversation, Bibb said, he told Bush that he didn’t want to be rude, but he had to get back to class. "He said, 'That’s where you should be,’ " Bibb said.

Bibb, whose parents live not far from the new Bush home in Dallas, said he got the idea of selling the signs during the campaign season, when Texans planted signs and wore T-shirts to support their favorite political candidate.

"There’s never really anything done when someone leaves office," he said. "I wanted to say thank you for doing the best you could and serving with everyone else in mind. It’s just a public way of saying thank you."

He initially had 100 signs printed but wasn’t sure he’d sell them all. Eventually, sales picked up and he now has sold more than 800, even fielding requests from people in Midland, Houston, New Hampshire and Arizona.

Some of the signs have disappeared from Dallas yards recently, maybe about 25. But Bibb said he doesn’t believe that they were stolen, more likely misplaced or moved as high school pranks.

Lori Tucker, who lives near NorthPark Center in Dallas, has bought signs and replaced them when they’ve been removed. She has told reporters that her goal in keeping the signs up, and replacing them, is to "show grace to the former president."

"It’s pretty amazing people won’t let some prank . . . affect their welcoming home the president," Bibb said.

The signs, at $20 each, are helping pay for Bibb’s tuition. From each sale, $2 will go to the nearby Pershing Elementary School library in honor of Laura Bush, a former librarian. Bibb said he has about $1,600 to give the library.

This Bibb kid is One of the Heroes. And a college student! He'll be a good footsoldier for the Movement. Somebody get him on the horn, or should I say, the horned frog?

President Bush to Give Speech in Canadia

Former President George W. Bush to hit lecture circuit with March 17 speech in Canada


DALLAS - Former President George W. Bush is getting ready to hit the lecture circuit.

A co-owner of a Canadian company that organizes high-profile speaking events confirmed Thursday that Bush is scheduled to speak March 17 at a luncheon in Calgary, Alberta.

The invitation says Bush will discuss "his eight momentous years in the Oval Office" and "the challenges facing the world in the 21st century."

The event is Bush's first confirmed speaking engagement. Booking agency partner Andy McCreath declined to discuss Bush's speaking fee. A spokesman with the Office of George W. Bush in Dallas also declined comment.

McCreath says he expects about 1,500 people to attend the speech. Event sponsors include the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, an accounting firm, a law firm and an organization for financial analysts.

So after two months of clearing brush in Preston Hollow, the President will venture out into the world he so recently controlled. But not America. Oh no, that would be too obvious. He's headed to the Great White North to give a speech. But why do the Canucks get to be wowed with his speaking skills while Americans are frozen out?

Two words: HE IS CAMPAIGNING. Not for President, or even Prime Minister. President Bush is going for the big prize: Secretary-General of the United Nations.

But Maynard, you say. The UN is the epitome of everything wrong with the Not USA parts of the world! And you're right. But if we're going to fix this crazy planet of ours, we need great leadership at the top. This way, President Bush will be able to do his thing, rescuing our species from certain destruction, while he waits for Barack HUSSEIN Obama to screw up so badly, he is tossed out by an angry mob, leaving the door open for The Restoration.

Talk aboot a brilliant plan, eh?

Liberals Proven WRONG!!!

Historians: Lincoln top president; George W. Bush 36th


WASHINGTON — Just days after the nation honored the 200th anniversary of his birth, 65 historians ranked Abraham Lincoln as the nation's best president.

Former President George W. Bush, who left office last month, was ranked 36th out of the 42 men who had been chief executive by the end of 2008, according to a survey conducted by the cable channel C-SPAN.

Bush scored lowest in international relations, where he was ranked 41st, and in economic management, where he was ranked 40th. His highest ranking, 24th, was in the category of pursuing equal justice for all. He was ranked 25th in crisis leadership and vision and agenda setting.

In contrast, Lincoln was ranked in the top three in each of the 10 categories evaluated by participants.

In C-SPAN's only other ranking of presidents, in 2000, former President Bill Clinton jumped six spots from No. 21 to 15. Other recent presidents moved positions as well: Ronald Reagan advanced from No. 11 to 10, George H.W. Bush rose from No. 20 to 18 and Jimmy Carter fell from No. 22 to 25.

This movement illustrates that presidential reputations are influenced by present-day concerns, said survey adviser and participant Edna Medford.

"Today's concerns shape our views of the past, be it in the area of foreign policy, managing the economy or human rights," Medford said in a statement.

After Lincoln, the academics rated George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Truman as the best leaders overall. The same five received top spots in the 2000 survey, although Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt swapped spots this year.

Rated worst overall were James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, William Henry Harrison and Warren G. Harding.

The survey was conducted in December and January. Participants ranked each president on a scale of one, "not effective" to 10, "very effective," on a list of 10 leadership qualities including relations with Congress, public persuasion and moral authority.

"Worst President EVER!!!2!"? I don't think so, liberals. You're feeling pretty stupid right about now, aren't you? Well, get used to it. It is the life you have chosen as a liberal.

This is just the first step in the march of historical revision of the President's image. While the Islamo-socialist media did an EXCELLENT job of completely assassinating him while in office, they can't do that anymore. There's a new, more prettier President (well, kind of President) to focus on, leaving President Bush's reputation to slowly heal, as in a video game.

And this article is a huge ONE UP.

How I Came to Support the President

You may think that I was born supporting President George W. Bush. And you would be right. But it was a sort of subconscious yearning for his leadership, not the overt devotion you see now. Sure, we had President Reagan at the time, and he was a very capable precursor to President Bush. A sort of John the Baptist to his Jesus, you might say.

I first became aware of these feelings deep inside me on that fateful day one September several years ago. I was alone and afraid. Muslim terrorists were trying to kill me and my family. And the only thing that stood between me and they was a man named George W. Bush.

But my support of the President was underdeveloped and scrawny at that time. Like all Americans, I only supported him because we were in time of crisis. My true epiphany came on September 14, 2001. You remember that day well. When President Bush stood on that rubble, with the rescue workers, and said "I hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!" my legs went all rubbery, and I instantly knew that I would follow this man to the depths of hell if I had to.

Many people support a politician because he agrees with them. This is the wrong way to go about it. I support President Bush, therefore I agree with him. My pre-President Bush lifestyle was a shambles. I just invented ideas out of my own skull and believed them to be true. Oh, the arrogance of it all. But on 9/14/01, I adopted every single one of the President's stances as my own. Hey, making up my own is cool and all, but there's a good chance I would be wrong. By adopting the President's ideology in whole, I guaranteed I would not be wrong, ever. When the President changed his mind (based on actual facts, and not just shameful flipflopping, mind you), I changed mine. America and I both prospered under this system.

I'm interested in how you became a supporter of President George W. Bush. Go ahead and put your stories in the comments. Person with the most inspiring devotion may win a prize.

Welcome to the Internets HQ of the Restoration Movement!


If you are reading this, then you are either interested in helping restore President George W. Bush to his rightful place on the throne of our Most Exalted Republic, or you are an al Queda member, afraid of that very possibility. Either way, welcome! Your visit will generate ad revenues regardless of your intent.

We are all carefully watching the news for portents of the return of President Bush to power. The fact that a few fascists in the 50s managed to amend our Sacred Constitution with their idiocies, disallowing the President from running again, is of little consequence. By hook or by crook, we MUST have President Bush. We DEMAND President Bush. America is Too Big to Fail.

Oh, no question. It will be a slow and deliberate process. Rome was not built in a day, but it was burned in a day. We cannot allow America to burn while we await a new leader of the caliber of President Bush. We already have one, and we are determined to get him back any way we can.

On this blog, I will lay the groundwork for that day we are all anticipating with trembling hands. I will post news articles on what the President is up to, and offer my analysis on what the article doesn't tell you. I will occasionally examine Faux-President Barack HUSSEIN Obama's actions, and answer the question burning in all of our minds: "What Would President Bush Do?" (WWPBD?) And perhaps I will share my lyrical odes to the President here. Who knows.

This blog is in no way connected to President Bush or his Administration. He has not revealed his intent to me personally. But as a long-time follower, I can discern the true motives behind his actions.

In conclusion, thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting our President! If you ever get discouraged, thinking that maybe that day will never come, just chant "USA! USA! USA!" until all doubts are smashed, as if by a MOAB.

May your days be filled with joy as you await the Restoration of our One True Commander-in-Chief!

- Maynard