Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Now Former President Bush Gets Credit for Saving Over a Million Lives

It is a story you probably won't hear about in too many other places. A program launched by former President George W. Bush has saved more than a million lives.

A study by two Stanford University doctors states that Mr. Bush's AIDS-fighting campaign reduced deaths by 10 percent in targeted African nations, saving roughly 1.2 million people.

The study tracked AIDS deaths and HIV infections in 12 African nations getting aid under the president's emergency plans for AIDS relief. The $15 billion, five-year effort was launched in 2003.

Last year Congress extended it for another five years. Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino who just returned from volunteering in Africa says: "Good news stories are not always reported because there is always bad news that drives coverage. But Americans should be proud and President Bush deserves a lot of credit."

1.2 million lives saved because of the President's African anti-AIDS initiative. A far cry from "just as bad as Hitler", eh?