Monday, May 18, 2009

I've Taken Down the Ads

I've removed all ads from my blog.

But Maynard, you chortle, isn't advertising the hallmark of any true free market system? You bet it is! But the only ads I was getting was for things like "Watch this video and then go kill your parents for voting for Bush" and "Should Bush be impeached? Vote now!" and "Throw shoes at Bush" and "Trim your bushes in half the time with BushWhacker9000!". I don't know how the thinly-veiled threat in that last one got by the Secret Service, frankly.

You don't need to see that. The very essence of our Republic, the very ideal that our Founders were aiming for, was that we wouldn't ever be confronted with a political viewpoint that opposed our own. I am proud to uphold this Jeffersonian tradition here on my little webs log.

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