Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some People Remember Who the REAL President Is

Texas school district that declined Obama speech will
bus kids to see Bush

A Texas school district that declined to allow students to listen to President Obama's speech to students on Tuesday will bus about 500 students to attend a Super Bowl-related event this month where former president George W. Bush will speak, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Arlington school district spokeswoman Veronica Sopher tells the newspaper that the two events are different.

"The distinction is it’s a field trip that parents have to grant permission for students to attend," she says, according to the Star-Telegram.

"With parental permission, the selected classes will attend a field trip at the Cowboys Stadium, where they will hear from several different speakers.

Dwight McKissic Sr., the senior pastor of Arlington's
Cornerstone Baptist Church, said he's concerned about the district's decision to not broadcast Obama's message while transporting students to hear a message from Bush.

"I do not understand the duplicity in this situation," McKissic said in a news release,
according to NBC. "I believe the students and the public deserve and need to have these differences explained.

"The church presented Obama's speech on Tuesday and arranged with the school district for any student who attended to get an excused absence from school.

I'm sorry, but if you can't see the difference between socialist brainwashing eerily reminiscent of how the Hitler Youth got started, and going to hear one of the greatest men of our lifetime speak, then maybe you should refrain from making a complete fool of yourself in a national publication. Schools are supposed to be about learning. President Bush's speech has obvious educational value, not only in the area of civics, but government, history, and religion.

When it comes to Obama, rarely has the question be asked: How is our children learning from indoctrination?

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